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We invite you to take a look at our product portfolio that provides quality, available and tailor-made solutions from a wide range of modular solutions based on the research and development of advanced technologies from home and abroad.

The smart pit system

Smartpit System

The settling pit can be improved with a simple and automated system for clearing, filtering and separating the sediment at the bottom of the pit.

Pre-wastewater treatment system UFT solid


Pre-treatment system for cowshed sewage.

Advanced wastewater treatment system UFT agro


A multi-stage system for the treatment of cow shed.

Advice and support for desired results


Upflow offers cowshed counseling services and provides a complete envelope for informed management of the wastewater issue.

Wastewater treatment system maintenance services



Sewage separation

system UFT screen


A simple separation system can handle a high concentration of solids that characterizes the cowshed effluent.