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Advanced sewage treatment system - UFT agro

Dairy industry adventurers face increasing challenges that make it difficult for them to look ahead and make long-term investments. UFT agro is a multi-stage modular system for full treatment of dairy effluent.

Our wastewater treatment plants are tailor-made

We offer a facility for the treatment of dairy cattle according to the size and requirements of the barn.

The treatment facility will legally discharge wastewater into the sewer system and minimize the extra payment due to excess thresholds.

upflow טיפול בשפכים וזבל של רפתות מתקן ו

System benefits

  • Adapted to the needs of the barn

  • No chemicals

  • High utility cost

  • Stable processes

  • Controlled by an automatic control system


Principles of the process

  1. Initial filtration - removal of coarse solids

  2. Initial settling - removal of suspended solids and organic load

  3. Aerobic treatment - nitrogen and phosphorus removal

  4. Secondary sedimentation - final polishing