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Pre-treatment system for manure and dairy farm effluent - UFT solid

Dairy industry adventurers face increasing challenges that make it difficult for them to look ahead and make long-term investments. UFT solid Here is a simple and smart pre-treatment system for dairy effluent.

UFT solid is an applicable solution 

UFT solid is a modular system that unites a number of technologies specifically developed for the dairy effluent. The system is dealing with highly concentrated wastewater (TSS) and high organic load (COD) wastewater that characterize the dairy effluent. The cost of constructing the system is significantly lower than the corresponding products on the market, allowing the dairy farmer to meet stringent regulatory conditions.  

The cowshed effluent will be pumped from the settling pit to the UFT Solid system, filtered to remove solids that may damage the process later. The wastewater will then be controlled in a multi-stage sedimentation process. The unique structure of the UFT Solid system gives the wastewater an optimal flow regime, which optimizes the rate of removal of pollutants and results in good exclusion of TSS and COD.